Fisherman reels in gun from OB Pier

Fisherman reels in gun from OB Pier

OCEAN BEACH, CALIF — A local man who set out to catch a few fish off the Ocean Beach pier ended up reeling in something with a lot more bite.

Covered in mud and seaweed, he pulled up a gun. And this is no fish tale. It happened Wednesday morning. The fisherman cast out and then reeled in not the usual mackerel or grouper but a revolver.

“Yes, I heard!,” said another local fisherman. “He reeled in a gun! Very strange!”

Pictures of what looked like a Smith & Wesson .357 magnum revolver were posted on the popular social website, Reddit.  The gun was turned into the San Diego Police Department Western Division around 11 a.m.

“The gun was in pretty poor condition,” said SDPD Lt. Kevin Mayer. “It had been in the ocean for a while. It had some growth on it —  rust.”

The gun is now…

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