AM Briefing from for January 6, 2014

Earthquake preparedness is the subject of a 10:30 AM press conference this morning with California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.

Then at 11:00 San Diego County is unveiling is improved mobile emergency app. The new app has a bunch of new emergency planning features.

Wanda Podgurski is being sentenced this afternoon at 1:30. Podgurski was originally convicted of insurance fraud then she fled to Mexico where she taunted the San Diego District Attorney over twitter. She was extradited back to the states and now has a frailer to appear conviction to add to her record.

Tonight at 6:00 Marissa Bejarano and Marco Torres are hosting a fundraiser for San Diego mayoral candidate David Alvarez in their Chula Vista home.

And finally tonight at 6:30 people that want to join Carlsbad’s Community Emergency Response Team are getting their first orientation.

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