Trial to decide if serial rapist will be paroled

Trial to decide if serial rapist will be paroled

[trib_ndn vid=25341009]SAN DIEGO — A serial rapist set to be released from prison after serving half of a 50-year sentence must stand trial to determine if he is sexually violent predator and should be committed to a state mental hospital, a judge ruled Thursday.

Alvin Ray QuarlesAlvin Ray Quarles, now 51, pleaded guilty in 1989 to being the “Bolder Than Most Rapist” in exchange for the 50-year prison sentence. The moniker stemmed from the way he attacked his victims — at knifepoint, sometimes forcing the women’s husbands or boyfriends to watch. In some cases, he forced the men to have sex with the women while he watched. All of his crimes occurred in the San Diego area.

Quarles, then 26, was charged with 61 sex crime counts which, had he been convicted, would have drawn 200-year-plus prison sentence. Instead, he pleaded guilty to four counts of rape, six counts of burglary and…

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