Man rescued after falling down shaft on Midway Museum

Man rescued after falling down shaft on Midway Museum

SAN DIEGO — A 71-year-old man fell down a shaft aboard the USS Midway Museum and became wedged in a hatchway on the floor below Thursday, prompting a lengthy rescue effort, authorities said.

USS Midway MuseumThe rescue call came into the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department at 8:10 a.m., Batallion Chief David Connor told Fox 5 News. The man fell from the third level of the carrier about 15 feet down  a metal ladder to the level below and could not get up, Connor said.

Rescuers arrived at the retired aircraft carrier docked along San Diego’s Embarcadero in minutes and began the process of immobilizing the victim. It took them about an hour to rig a system of ropes and pulleys and hoist the victim up in a rescue basket, Connor said.

The man was taken to UCSD Medical Center. He was conscious and complained of pain, but the extent of his injuries…

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