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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for December 16, 2013

Cal State San Marcos is opening up its brand now 1600 square foot nursing clinic this morning at 10:00.

At noon the Environmental Health Coalition with San Diego City Councilman and mayoral candidate David Alvarez are publicly calling on the council to stop a referendum that they say will bring even more polluting businesses to the Barrio Logan neighborhood.

And in court today at 1:30 PM three sentencing’s.

The first is in El Cajon’s courthouse Richard Raul Bareno Jr. has pleaded guilty to bank robbery. While robbing the bank he terrified his victims by firing his gun up into the air.

In San Diego’s courthouse Luis A Cruz will hear his fate for his part in the “Dare Me Bandit” series of robberies.

And the Esteban Nandin is being sentenced in San Diego for pointing an assault rifle at a San Diego Police officer. FYI: the officer shot Nandin

And finally this afternoon at 2:00 San Diego City Council is meeting about a waste plan called “Zero Waste Objective” along with some commission and committee appointments.

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