Lawyer creates ‘Filner headlock’ reenactment for lawsuit

Lawyer creates ‘Filner headlock’ reenactment for lawsuit

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego lawyer released a computer-generated video reenactment Wednesday of former Mayor Bob Filner placing a long-time city employee in a so-called “Filner headlock” and said he planned to introduce it as evidence in a harassment lawsuit.

Daniel Gilleon said the two-minute video is an accurate depiction of an encounter that his client, Stacy McKenzie, had with Filner at the Clairemont Day at the Bay event at Mission Bay on April 21.

The video shows McKenzie introducing herself the mayor, who asks her if she is married or has a boyfriend. She says no, and he then asks her for her business card and tells her he wants to take her out to lunch.

“Just to make this clear, this is not a business lunch. This is a date. I’m asking you out on a date,” the animated mayor says in the video.

Later, as McKenzie…

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