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I asked myself what San Diego political issue is both under talked about and very important to the mayor’s race?

The answer for me is Barrio Logan zoning regulations.

Now before you yawn think about this …

While at first blush zoning regulation don’t seem that exciting, these rules determine what you can do with your land, what business are allowed in a community, even how many people are allowed to live in a neighborhood.
So zoning has a direct and very important impact on your life.

Barrio Logan is a community created when the 5 freeway was built, bisecting Logan Heights. Under much protest and cries the freeway went through. Then the Coronado Bridge was built and sparking loud protests witch eventually lead to the creation of Chicano Park.

Now the community there wants to create some industrial free zones.

There is a lot of industry in Barrio Logan, lots of heavy industry. The most notable is the maritime industries. They pay a lot in tax, employ lots of people, and are very important to the city outside of the barrio.

This issue is making its way into mayoral election politics is some very interesting ways. The issue has a racial component that could be part of the reason the next mayor wins or why his opponent loses.

Barrio Logan was born fighting.

And the people from there don’t back down, they are used to long fights.

This time on the Bowler’s Desk Political Podcast I sat down with Georgette Gomez from the Environmental Health Coalition. She’s a Barrio Logan native. She has a lot of interesting things to say about her almost decade long fight to make changes to the Barrio Logan zoning rules.

Agree or not you’ve got to respect her zeal and commitment.

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