San Diego exploring bid for Olympics

San Diego exploring bid for Olympics

SAN DIEGO – The county Board of Supervisors will consider a resolution Tuesday to back the efforts of a committee that’s exploring whether San Diego should bid for the 2024 Olympics.

A successful bid would bring the summer and paralympic games to San Diego in 11 years.

The idea of San Diego bidding for the Olympics has been floated occasionally over the years, and was picked up more recently by former Mayor Bob Filner, who championed a binational games hosted by San Diego and Tijuana.

The dual-host idea ran afoul of Olympic rules, so the exploratory committee — chaired by local business leader Vince Mudd — refocused on having the city of San Diego serve as the official host, with events spread throughout the region.

A letter that Supervisors Greg Cox and Dave Roberts sent to their board colleagues takes note of San Diego County’s “beautiful climate nearly year-round,” ethnic…

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