Fast food workers to protest wages in San Diego

Fast food workers to protest wages in San Diego

STUDY: fast food workers cost government $7 billionSAN DIEGO – Fast food workers nationwide are preparing for another strike this week.


Employees in more than 100 cities are scheduled to protest this Thursday. The workers and their supporters are calling for higher wages.


A local protest will take place at noon outside the Wendy’s in downtown San Diego. It will be the second protest at the location this year.


During the last protest nearly a dozen fast food workers went on strike. About 100 community members showed up to support them, according to Lisa Maldonado Robinson with the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice.


“It seemed like they had reached a point where they just couldn’t do it any longer,” said Maldonado Robinson.


The push is for a national minimum wage of $15 per hour, but Maldonado Robinson said that’s still the bare minimum in San Diego.


“We know that in San…

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