Drug drop from plane intercepted by CBP

Drug smugglers drop drugs from plane but authorities intercept


[trib_ndn vid=25396784]SAN DIEGO — Mexican smugglers have used  vehicles and vessels of every description to move drugs across the border to San Diego, but this week they tried something new: a daring nighttime drug drop from an ultra-light aircraft.

About 4:15 am Monday,  border agents tracked an ultra-light aircraft in the dark of the night crossing the border from Mexico to an area just north of Brown Field Municipal Airport.

Airborne Pot DropThey arrested two men who were trying retrieve a large bundle of marijuana that was dropped from the aircraft before it headed back to Mexico.

Agents arrived at the scene by helicopter and found a metal cage used to hold cargo under the aircraft.  It was lying in the tall grass of an open field and was filled with 10 bundles of marijuana.  The marijuana stash weighed  in at 262 pounds and had a street value of about $157,000, .

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