Airlines prepare for bad weather over holiday

[trib_ndn vid=25396017]SAN DIEGO, CA – One day until what is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year and mother nature is not expected to cooperate which could leave thousand of folks stranded at airports across the country.

“We were quite delayed,” said one women who flew in from Atlanta, adding, “because the weather was really nasty back home.”

She is one of three million people who are scheduled to travel by plane this holiday weekend.  She opted to leave a day early to avoid the crowds but instead got hit with bad weather.  The storm that devastated part of Texas is now heading toward the Northeast and airlines are preparing for the worst.

“Typically the airline will step up and put you on another flight,” explained

Sherrie Murp3 airlhy, a travel coordinator, she says travelers can minimize their frustration by being prepared and pro-active.

Be sure to bring your…

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