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Students plan documentary on gun violence


Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 1 42 32 PMCHULA VISTA –Some students in Chula Vista are working to find solutions to the problem of gun violence through a new documentary called Beyond the Crossfire.

It started as part of a school project for 11th graders at High Tech High Chula Vista.

“Kids can make a difference,” said Carlo Gomez, an 11th grader working on the documentary.

The students plan to start filming in January, interviewing other young people to brainstorm ideas and solutions.

“As young people we don’t want to just sit around and let the adults handle it,” said 11th grader Ciera Ybarra.

The documentary has one rule.  It doesn’t enter into the gun rights vs. gun control debate.

“That was one thing that we consciously took off the table because there’s disagreement on our own team,” said humanities teacher Matt Simon.  “It’s been exciting to see what the students come up with…

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for November 27, 2013

Courts are open today and there is a sentencing and arraignment of note.

First at 9:00 AM in San Diego’s downtown courthouse Antuon Grey is being sentenced for first degree murder. It was all part of a gang retaliation. Grey shot two men leaving one of them dead.

Also at 9:00 AM but in El Cajon’s courthouse Jason Michael Palmer is being arraigned for a hit and run. Palmer, an ex-con, is accused of running over a 20-year-old then fleeing.

Mama’s Kitchen is giving a behind the scenes look at their annual Thanksgiving Holiday Pie Sale Delivery preparations this morning at 7:00. They are delivering about 5,000 pies today. The charity’s annual “Pie in the Sky” bake sale is one of its top fundraisers. This year they want to top the $110,000 mark. The money goes to help with the feeding of close to 37,000 AIDS and cancer patients. You can still buy a pie today from 10:00 AM until 6:00 tonight at the Mama’s Kitchen headquarters at 3960 Home Ave. They cost about $20.

And finally tonight at 7:30 the First United Methodist Church of San Diego and the Congregation Beth Israel is hosting its 33rd annual Thanksgiving Eve Worship. Rabbi Michael Berk from Beth Israel is giving the Thanksgiving message.

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Airlines prepare for bad weather over holiday


[trib_ndn vid=25396017]SAN DIEGO, CA – One day until what is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year and mother nature is not expected to cooperate which could leave thousand of folks stranded at airports across the country.

“We were quite delayed,” said one women who flew in from Atlanta, adding, “because the weather was really nasty back home.”

She is one of three million people who are scheduled to travel by plane this holiday weekend.  She opted to leave a day early to avoid the crowds but instead got hit with bad weather.  The storm that devastated part of Texas is now heading toward the Northeast and airlines are preparing for the worst.

“Typically the airline will step up and put you on another flight,” explained

Sherrie Murp3 airlhy, a travel coordinator, she says travelers can minimize their frustration by being prepared and pro-active.

Be sure to bring your…

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Qualcomm faces antitrust probe in China

Qualcomm faces Chine anti-trust probe


HONG KONG (CNNMoney) — China’s crackdown on corporate malpractice continues, and this time Qualcomm is in the firing line.

qualcommBeijing’s National Development and Reform Commission has launched an antitrust investigation into Qualcomm, the company said in a brief statement.

Qualcomm said the Chinese government agency had not revealed the substance of the investigation. The company wasn’t aware of any charge that it had broken anti-monopoly laws, it added.

The Chinese government is waging a campaign against market abuse and corruption, which has led to greater scrutiny of corporate practices that affect the prices consumers pay. Qualcomm is the latest foreign company to be netted in the crackdown.

Last month, state media fingered Starbucks for charging too much for coffee. In August, the government levied a $108 million fine against six dairy companies including Danone and Mead Johnson for unfairly fixing the price infant formula products. And earlier this year, several…

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Destroyer to ship out Monday

Destroyer shipping out Monday


USS HowardSAN DIEGO — The guided-missile destroyer USS Howard will depart its home port of San Diego on Monday for an independent deployment to the Western Pacific, the Navy announced Tuesday.

“Though the crew will miss friends and families, Howard is deploying at the peak of readiness,” said Cmdr. David Zook, the vessel’s commanding officer. “We look forward to serving the nation.”

The USS Howard will conduct various maritime security missions and take part in exercises with ships of other countries, according to the Navy. The scheduled length of the deployment was not disclosed. The ship last deployed in 2011.

The destroyer is named in honor of Marine Corps 1st Sgt. Jimmie E. Howard, a combat veteran of both Korea and Vietnam who was awarded the Medal of Honor, Silver Star and three Purple Hearts during his 27 years of service.

Following his retirement in 1972, he worked at a San…

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Source: large illegal crossing was planned

Mob swarms Tijuana / San Diego border


[trib_ndn vid=25396628]SAN YSIDRO, CA — The crowd that rushed Border Patrol agents earlier this week after illegally crossing the border in the Tijuana River channel was a planned act of disobedience, sources within Border Patrol told Fox 5 Tuesday.

“The tension went way up,” said Border Patrol Agent Gabe Pacheco, speaking on behalf of the National Border Patrol Council about the handful of agents at the scene who called for back up against the large crowd said to have been well over 100 people.

“They were saying, ‘You can’t do anything to us. We own this,” Pacheco said.

Customs and Border Protection officials said the crowd also threw rocks at Border Patrol agents, who responded with pepper rounds and other non-lethal weapons.

“We deployed non-lethal munitions, and we finally got the crowd to disperse,” Pacheco added.

BorderAssaultThe incident comes just weeks after CBP rejected a recommendation by a federal committee…

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Drug drop from plane intercepted by CBP

Drug smugglers drop drugs from plane but authorities intercept


[trib_ndn vid=25396784]SAN DIEGO — Mexican smugglers have used  vehicles and vessels of every description to move drugs across the border to San Diego, but this week they tried something new: a daring nighttime drug drop from an ultra-light aircraft.

About 4:15 am Monday,  border agents tracked an ultra-light aircraft in the dark of the night crossing the border from Mexico to an area just north of Brown Field Municipal Airport.

Airborne Pot DropThey arrested two men who were trying retrieve a large bundle of marijuana that was dropped from the aircraft before it headed back to Mexico.

Agents arrived at the scene by helicopter and found a metal cage used to hold cargo under the aircraft.  It was lying in the tall grass of an open field and was filled with 10 bundles of marijuana.  The marijuana stash weighed  in at 262 pounds and had a street value of about $157,000, .

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