AM Briefing from for November 25, 2013

A man walks for help after being shot multiple times in the legs. At 6:22 last night San Diego County Sheriff’s was called to help a man that reported being shot while walking down the street. The 38-year-old Hispanic victim says he does not know the people that shot him three times while he was walking near 11th street and Cypress Avenue in Imperial Beach. The victim is expected to survive.

This afternoon at 1:30 in Vista’s courthouse 18-year-old Pedro Luis Padilla will be arraigned for $275,000 worth of graffiti damages. Padilla, also known as “Selik” is suspected of over 470 separate graffiti offences. The same day as Padilla’s arrest a 15-year-old was also arrested for 460 graffiti crimes of his own.

New airport security procedures and Thanksgiving holiday travel are the topic for a 7:30 AM press conference at the curb outside Lindbergh Field’s Terminal 1.

At 10:00 AM the Downtown San Diego Partnership is showing off its new donation stations and launching its Make Change Count Initiative. The donation stations look live red parking meters. They are set up around downtown and they take donations of change and credit cards to help the homeless. Organizers hope the program discourages pan-handling while giving people an opportunity to help.

Meals-on-Wheels is talking to reporters about the 2,000 meals it will serve to seniors this Thanksgiving at 11:00 AM.

At noon Wal-Mart is offering to talk to the media about their Black Friday preparations. However they are not allowing media inside the store, but they will give out video they shot of shoppers.

And finial at 4:30 tonight the 2013 Bravo Awards are honoring the best in San Diego’s artistic community. This year theater, dance, opera, and classical music is being recognized.

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