Greenpeace docks in San Diego

Greenpeace docks in San Diego

San Diego Waterfront SkylineGreenpeace has docked one of its vessels along San Diego’s Embarcadero, hoping to spread a message of sustainable tuna fishing.

During its tour from Canada to San Diego, Greenpeace has tailored its message to what’s relevant in each particular city. In San Diego, the organization says it’s especially relevant to talk about best practices in tuna fishing.

As it docked in Southern California, the crew also celebrated a victory. All but one of the crew members of another Greenpeace vessel were released on Friday from a Russian jail. In September, the crew forcefully attempted to board a Russian oil rig in the Arctic. While the jailed crew was allowed to post bail, the charges still stand.

“They were there in the Russian Arctic bearing witness of one of the main future disasters for the Arctic,” said Greenpeace member Gustavo Ampugnani.

Those interested in touring the vessel while it’s in San…

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