JetBlue joins airport’s expedited screening program

JetBlue joins airport’s expedited screening program

lindbergh-driving SAN DIEGO – The Transportation Security Administration announced Thursday that JetBlue has joined its expedited airport screening program – which now covers almost all the major airlines covering San Diego’s Lindbergh Field.

Certain passengers who use JetBlue’s mobile app boarding pass will be eligible for the TSA Pre-Check program, in which they can go through special lines without having to remove their shoes, jackets or belt. They can also keep laptops in their cases, and their liquids and gels inside their carry-on bag.

JetBlue boarding passes printed from computers or kiosks will be accepted beginning next year, according to the agency.

“TSA remains committed to working with our partners across the aviation community to provide travelers the most effective security in the most efficient way,” said TSA Administrator John Pistole. “Expanding TSA Pre-Check to JetBlue underscores our strong commitment to developing and deploying innovative security solutions to protect the nation’s…

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