AM Briefing from for November 20, 2013

The first election for San Diego Mayor is over.

The results are …

Nathan Fletcher got 49,645 votes and that amounted to 24.30%.

David Alvarez got 52,283 votes or 25.59 percent

And Kevin Faulconer walked away with 89,043 votes or 43.58%.

Because no single candidate was able to get more than 51 percent of the votes Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez face each other in a run-off election early next year.

It was a hard fought but mostly collegiate campaign. Now if Alvarez is able to take in Fletchers voters he could win and be the next mayor. However if Faulconer is able to convert some of Fletcher’s Democratic voters to cross the isle then he could win.

It going to be an exciting next few months.

Health care workers at the many University of California hospitals and clinics are holding a one-day picket all across California. Picketers accuse the U.C. system of unfair labor practices and furthermore they say that patient care is being used a “bargaining chip” by management. Employees are represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299. The University of California and the union have been in negotiations for nearly 18-months now. Here in San Diego they’ll be at the University of California San Diego campus just off of 9500 Gilman Drive at 8:30 AM. Then at 9:30 AM they’ll be at the UC San Diego Medical Center Thornton Hospital at 9300 Campus Point Drive. And at 10:00 this morning then again at noon picketers will be making their point in front of the UC San Diego Medical Center Hillcrest at 200 West Arbor Drive.

Growing San Diego’s biotech industry is what Interim Mayor Todd Gloria is talking about at 10:00 this morning at the San Diego Convent5ion Center. He’s also going to announce the return of the Bio International Convention to San Diego next year.

At 1:00 this afternoon the Civic San Diego Board of Directors is meeting to talk about how to renovate the public space at the Lyceum Theatre.

Jose Luis Sanchez the Navy Commander accused of accepting cash, hookers, and other things form defense contractors in exchange for classified info is in San Diego’s Federal Court this morning at 10:30

Marcian Flores Jr. is being arraigned for a crash that killed his 60-year-old father at 1:30 this afternoon in San Diego’s downtown courthouse.

Also at 1:30 in Chula Vista’s courthouse the arraignment of Alberto Figueroa Jr. who will be accused of killing his brother with a samurai sword and barbecue fork.

And finally at 6:30 tonight the Central Library is hosting a talk from Professor Rick Kennedy about the One Book One San Diego featured book “Caleb’s Crossing”

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