Political Podcast with Rory Pendergast

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For this Bowler’s Desk political podcast I met up with Rory Pendergast.

Rory is campaigning hard for the underdog in San Diego’s mayoral special election.

We sat in the back of David Alvarez’s tiny Encanto campaign office … Lots of kids, community members, and part activist excited to hit the streets and campaign for the dark horse candidate. No one thought his campaign would gain the momentum it has.

Last UT San Diego poll has him neck and neck with Nathan Fletcher.

Who is going to show up at the polls?

Who can rally their people?

Will the traditional San Diego Democrat get votes in San Diego?

Who is going to show up?

How did Alvarez gain so much ground in such a short time?

It’s interesting to me because Alvarez was such an underdog and now he’s a contender.

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