Mayoral candidates hope for strong voter turnout

Mayoral candidates hope for strong voter turnout

SAN DIEGO — The leading candidates for Mayor of San Diego are focused on getting people to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday, November 19.
Democrat Nathan Fletcher spent Sunday calling those who have indicated they will vote for him. He says it’s still important to remind potential voters about the upcoming election.
“Now it comes down to turnout,” said Fletcher.
Democrat David Alvarez spent the day on a similar mission, reminding potential voters of the importance of this election.
“Local politics are closer to our everyday lives,” said Alvarez.
The third leading democrat, Mike Aguirre, spend his Sunday night talking about the plight of San Diego’s homeless population.
“There’s literally no reason the city couldn’t have five or six of these tents so they could provide shelter for the people who need it,” said Aguirre.
The leading republican candidate, Kevin Faulkner, veered away from talking politics, while at the…

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