New mayor appointed in El Cajon

New mayor appointed in El Cajon

[trib_ndn vid=25351226]EL CAJON, Calif. – The El Cajon City Council appointed a new mayor Tuesday to fill the seat left vacant when the former mayor resigned.

Mark Lewis stepped down in October amid accusations he made prejudiced comments towards the Chaldean community and other races.

On Tuesday, the El Cajon City Council decided to appoint Mayor pro-tem Bill Wells as the new mayor. Members now have 60 days to fill his seat on the City Council.

Tbill wellshe council had the option to appoint a new mayor or call a special election. Members made their decision after hearing comments from more than a dozen residents.

“I’m not worried about the public not being included, because the four of you were elected in that process,” said Neil Arthur, local developer. “You are the public’s choice.”

“I would like to go on record supporting the electoral process,” said Vicki Butcher, El Cajon…

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