Drones cause worry in East County

Drones cause worry in East County


SAN DIEGO – The Federal Aviation Administration is spreading the message that the use of drones over public areas is fast approaching, but some East County residents are speaking up in protest.

DronesJustSayNoDozens of people packed into the Julian Library Monday night in order to discuss how best to fight back against politicians and corporate interests, pressuring the next move in unmanned aircraft.

“I’m not doing anything wrong, but I still don’t want to be spied on,” said Julie Schneider, a local resident of Julian.”We moved away from the city for quiet.”

East County residents are not happy about the possibility of having an omnipresent eye in the sky.

“The war is winding down and now military contractors need to sell their drones to someone,” said Dave Patterson from military veterans for peace. “Right now there are essentially no rules regulating drones and if there are no one is paying…

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