Political Podcast with San Diego Police Officers Association President Brian Marvel

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I’m Matthew Bowler from BowlersDesk.com.

This time Ric Epps and I sat down with the President of the San Diego Police Officers Association, Brian Marvel.

We spent about an hour chatting about San Diego Police Department and there roll in our community. Their mayoral endorsement and why they endorsed whom they did. And how the POA see’s itself when compared to other labor organizations, like the Service Employee International Union (SEIU). Also we spent a fair amount of time on pensions.

I have to apologize for a technical issue. My mic died on me just as started recording … I did lots to fix it and I think its OK. Brian and Ric both sound perfect. However I have a bit of an echo. I think its totally listenable but I just wanted to let you know so you wont think there’s something wrong with you.

Brian was great. He’s super friendly and like almost all the cops I’ve met, a great conversationalist.

So San Diego’s POA

You be the judge.

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