AM Briefing from for November 4, 2013

High surf and strong rip currents are scouring San Diego’s west facing beaches through noon Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. Surf will be three to five feet with the occasional six footer. The big surf combined with the extra high tides is will combine to create the strong rip currents. Inexperienced swimmers should stay out of the water till this is over.

San Diego City Council is meeting all day today. First at 9:00 AM the Audit Committee is talking about an audit of police patrol performance. Then at 2:00 the full council gets together and top of the agenda is an increase in housing impact fees. This is a fee from non-residential construction that is used to help pay for affordable housing.

At noon San Diego County is releasing its Prescription Drug Abuse Report Card.

This morning at 8:00 AM the crime lab from Chula Vista’s Police Department is showing high school’ers how math is used to fight crime.

And finally at 6:30 tonight in the San Diego Public Library downtown the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg address is being honored with a re-reading of the famous speech by author and columnist Richard Lederer.

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