Goldsmith maneuvered to force Filner from office

Goldsmith maneuvered to force Filner from office

SAN DIEGO — In Bob Filner ‘s final days as mayor, the city attorney was prepared to do something never before done here: plead with a judge that the mayor posed a threat to women and should be barred from City Hall.

A psychologist retained by City Atty. Jan Goldsmith was set to testify that, in her opinion, Filner fit the characteristics of a sociopath, was “without shame, empathy or compassion,” and believed no rules applied to him.

San Diego boxing ring Filner vs GoldsmithA court hearing was set for Aug. 21.

It was not necessary.

The night before the hearing, after two days of intense negotiations, Filner agreed to resign in exchange for the city paying most of his legal bills in a sexual harassment suit filed by Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred on behalf of a former mayoral staffer.

For six weeks, Goldsmith had maneuvered to force Filner out of office — by squeezing…

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