Major smuggling tunnel found at US-Mexico border

Major smuggling tunnel found at US-Mexico border

[trib_ndn vid=25312555]SAN DIEGO — A federal investigation was under way Thursday into a recently completed, highly sophisticated tunnel found between San Diego and Tijuana.

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Several federal agencies that compose the San Diego Tunnel Task Force uncovered the passageway, spokeswoman Lauren Mack of Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement told reporters late Wednesday.

Authorities found the subterranean passageway on Wednesday, arresting three people and seizing 325 pounds of cocaine along with more than eight tons of marijuana, according to U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement.

The tunnel — outfitted with electricity, ventilation and a rail system – – had access points in Baja California, southwest of Otay Mesa Port of Entry, and in an industrial park on the San Diego side of the international border, authorities said.

Federal agents plan to hold a news conference at 2:30 p.m. to disclose more details about…

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