Head-turning billboard coming to San Diego

Head-turning billboard coming to San Diego


[trib_ndn vid=25311631]SAN DIEGO – A billboard that’s sparking mixed reaction is coming soon to San Diego.

The advertisement, for an anti-snoring product called SnoreStop, features a U.S. soldier embracing a Muslim woman with the slogan “keeping you together.”

The billboard is already on display along Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

PBILLBOARDeople are turning to social media with their reaction to the billboard. One person called it “offensive.” Another said it is “a slap in the face to our military.”

The company, however, said the ad is meant to reflect tolerance and executives said they recognize their customers are diverse. SnoreStop officials said they searched for real couples that aren’t typically featured in commercials.

“We wanted one image that summarizes the whole campaign,” said Melody Devemark, VP of Communications SnoreStop.

Veteran Jamie Sutton and his Muslim wife, Aleah, inspired the ad. Officials said the models, U.S. soldier Paul Evans…

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