is now an award winning news blog!

Press Club Award

As many of you have noticed there was no AM Briefing from Bowler’s Desk today.

That’s because I was out late last night accepting a San Diego Press Club first place award for Excellence in Journalism. is now an award winning news blog.

Not only did the AM News Briefing win first place but the Political Podcast with me and Ric Epps won third place.

I am proud, but I am also very tired.

As most of you know I run the AM News Desk at KSWB FOX5 and every morning at 6:03 AM I post the AM briefing from there.

And that means that I am at work by 3:30 AM every day.

So because I stayed out late to get this award I stayed home form work and slept in today.

Thank you to everyone at KSWB FOX5 for supporting me and my efforts on my blog, especially News Director Rich Goldner, current Executive Producer J. R. Mahon, former Executive Producer Brad Luck, and everyone on the KSWB FOX5 AM team.

And of course my wife Erin Esteves for her unwavering support in all of my professional efforts.

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. Congratulations, Matt, you deserve it!