AM Briefing from for October 29, 2013

Rain continuing from last night through this morning is making the AM commute that much more challenging. Yesterday California Highway Patrol responded to 191 accidents. On a normal day they get about 50. It’s supposed to clear up this afternoon.

This morning at 9:00 AM the USS Princeton comes home after nearly 7-months deployed. One of the highlights for the guided-missile cruiser and its 325 crew was helping to save five Yemeni fisherman stranded at sea without food or water.

Late this morning at 11:00 AM the San Diego Unified School District is previewing the “State of the District” with students that will graduate in 2020. The kids are going to tell everyone about their plans after graduating high school. Then this afternoon at 3:30 the districts will consider selling the Hale Junior High facility for $23 and half million dollars. And at 4:30 this evening school board President John Lee Evans and Superintendent Cindy Marten give the annual “State of the District” speech.

San Diego Federal Bureau of Investigation officials are recognizing a mile stone for their crime lab at 11:15 AM. America’s Society of Crime Laboratory Directors is honoring the FBI’s San Diego Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory. The trail blazing lab was the first of its kind when it was built in the ’90’s.

San Diego’s City Council is welcoming its new Chief Operating Officer Scott Chadwick and honoring the outgoing one Walt Ekard at 2:00 this afternoon. The council is also considering closing the Children’s Pool in La Jolla for seal pupping season.

At 5:00 this evening San Diego’s North Chamber of Commerce is hosting a forum on how California’s health insurance changes are impacting businesses.

And finally tonight at 6:00 California Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera is reading from his work at Cal State San Marcos.

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