Tasmanian devils go on display

Tasmanian devils go on display


[trib_ndn vid=25291490]SAN DIEGO — Four Tasmanian devils brought in from Australia made their public debut at the San Diego Zoo Thursday morning.

Bradley, Bixby, De-Vos, and Usmar arrived at the zoo last month and were placed into a mandatory 30-day quarantine. They came from the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Australia.

Tasmanian DevilThe zoo, the only one in the U.S. to have the endangered species, will house the animals in its Australian Outback exhibit.

Usmar is female, the rest are males.

Tasmanian devils, native to the island state of Tasmania, are nocturnal hunters that live in forest, woodland and agricultural areas and use their keen senses of smell and hearing to find prey or carrion. They can give off a fierce snarl and high-pitched scream, which can be heard at feeding time, to establish dominance.

They face extinction in the wild due to devil facial tumor disease, a rare, contagious cancer…

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