AM Briefing from for October 10, 2013

At 9:45 this morning Governor Jerry Brown is in San Diego to sign legislation designed to give housing opportunities to veterans. The bill puts a $600 million dollar bond measure on the ballot for voter

California Coastal Commission is meeting this morning at 8:30 AM to talk about San Diego’s Convention Center Expansion. Some commission members are recommending saying no to the $520 million dollar project because it could limit San Diego Bay access. However Convention Center expansion propionates say the expansion will bring more events and money to the city.

Cyber security is on tap at Stone Brewing’s World Bistro and Gardens this morning at 7:45. Securing Out eCity is hosting “CyberFest 2013” a cyber-security symposium. They are talking about how we can all lead more secure cyber lives.

And tonight at 7 San Diego Natural History Museum the mammoths and mastodons of San Diego are the topic of a talk by paleontology curator Tom Demere.

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