DA: Mexican gangster guilty of ‘unprecedented carnage’

DA: Mexican gangster guilty of ‘unprecedented carnage’


SAN DIEGO — Two leaders of the Mexican drug trafficking gang known as Los Palillos participated in several kidnappings, nine murders and other crimes in San Diego County between 2004 to 2007, a prosecutor said Thursday.

After more than six months of testimony, Deputy District Attorney Mark Amador began the prosecution’s closing argument in the trial of 34-year-old Jorge Rojas Lopez and 33-year-old Juan Estrada Gonzalez.

Court, gavel, trialRojas Lopez is charged in nine murders; Estrada-Gonzalez in six. They each face the death penalty if convicted.

“This unprecedented carnage and savagery cannot stand,” Amador told the jury.

After the Arellano Felix drug organization killed Rojas Lopez’s brother in 2002, he and other members of Los Palillos fled Mexico and set up their drug- running operation in Kansas City and San Diego, Amador said.

The prosecutor said the members of Los  Palillos were “cold, calculated, hard men” who committed evil deeds in San…

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