AM Briefing from for October 4, 2013

42-year-ol Ghazal “Gazelle” Mansury is under arrest as authorities determine if a body found in Far East San Diego County is that of her missing 79-year-old mother. The elderly woman went missing last week and homicide detectives have been investigating all week. Mansury’s boyfriend is also reportedly under arrest Officials will hold a news conference this morning at 9:30 at San Diego Police headquarters.

San Diego’s valley and mountain areas have a higher than normal risk of fire and a Red Flag warning is in effect from 11:00 AM today through 8:00 Sunday night. It’s going to get dry, hot, and windy with a Santa Anna condition impacting our region. Winds will gust from 55 to 70 miles per hour and a high wind warning is in affect through Sunday morning at 11:00.

San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister is talking to the press about his office mailing out property tax bills and how to pay them, this morning at 11:00. In San Diego’s downtown courthouse at 1:30 this afternoon Georgette Cervantes Cramer will be arraigned for murdering her boyfriend and engaging police in a seven hour long stand-off.

And finally this morning at 11:00 the 40th annual La Mesa’s Oktoberfest starts. The party brings thousands out to the small San Diego County City wear the beer and music flow. Revelers will though back pints and kick up their heals all weekend ending Sunday night at 4:30. Google La Mesa Oktoberfest for more info … its the first thing to pop up.

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