Fletcher releases plan to bring jobs to San Diego

Fletcher releases plan to bring jobs to San Diego


SAN DIEGO — Former Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, who is running for mayor, Thursday released his plan to bring 130,000 well-paying jobs to San Diego by 2020 by drawing on the region’s geographic, educational and civic resources to foster economic opportunities.

Fletcher’s plan for well-paying local jobs, including those in the innovation sector, skilled labor and blue-collar jobs, included measures to help people start businesses, encourage existing companies to expand and to educate potential employees with the skills needed to fill jobs that are in high demand.

He also plans to make San Diego a more competitive environment in which to produce innovative products and services, and to put a significant annual investment forward to address infrastructure issues. Tackling the city’s infrastructure needs, such as repairing streets, sidewalks and facilities, would also bring jobs.

“San Diego needs a mayor who can help foster ideas and initiatives that will create jobs for…

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