Golfers compete in the $1M shootout

Golfers compete in the $1M shootout

golf shootoutSANTEE, Calif. — A quarter-century of futility continued today at the LM Capital Group $1 Million Hole-in-One Shootout, in which none of the finalists stroked an ace to win the jackpot.

In 25 years, no finalist has struck a hole-in-one to win the $1 million top prize.

This time, Jacobe Washburn of San Diego landed closest to pin, at 28 feet, 11 inches, from 170 yards out at the 18th hole and the Carlton Oaks Golf Course in Santee. Washburn, whose nephew came in fourth, will receive two round- trip tickets on Alaska Airlines.

Others who hit the five best shots were given free golf rounds, equipment and hotel stays.

The 18 finalists were determined during 10 days of qualifying at the Stadium Golf Center.

The closest anyone has come to a hole-in-one was 2 feet 8 inches in 2002.

The event is one of several run throughout the year…

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