Homeless shelters could close due to lack of funding

Homeless shelters could close due to lack of funding


homeless lines at shelterSAN DIEGO – Former Mayor Bob Filner pushed for the city’s two winter homeless shelters to remain open yearlong, but city officials now say he did not budget for them accurately.

That means the shelters are in danger of closing after next April.

“It’s really a practice of over-promising and under-delivering,” said Council President Todd Gloria, who is serving as Interim Mayor following Filner’s resignation.

Gloria said city officials are now looking at the budget gap and trying to decide if funding for yearlong shelters is even a possibility.

“We want to do more to care about the homeless in our community to solve this problem and ultimately save taxpayer money. But you’ve got to fund it like you mean it and in this case that was not what he did.”

The possibility that the shelters will close is a scary situation for Pamela Cooks. She currently stays with more…

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