Before resigning Filner gave staff $86K in raises

Before resigning Filner gave staff $86K in raises

SAN DIEGO – Before leaving office former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner raised the salaries of several staffers by a total of $86,000.

The raises took effect as staff members were being interviewed by the city attorney’s office about the sexual harassment allegations that ultimately drove Filner to resign.

Interim Mayor Todd Gloria told Fox 5 he addressed the issue when he took office.

“We looked at this very critically and we made the adjustments to where I think it’s now appropriate and defensible,” said Gloria.

Filner gave his former press secretary, Lena Lewis, the largest raise. He moved her salary from $82,500 to $115,000. Gloria adjusted that salary to $95,000.

Binational affairs manager was given a raise of $15,000 moving the salary up to $85,000. Gloria adjusted the salary back to the original $70,000.

Filner moved his director of appointments and protocol’s salary from $50,000 to $65,000. Gloria adjusted…

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