City Council to consider proposal on raising water rates

City Council to consider proposal on raising water rates

water ratesSAN DIEGO — A proposal by the city of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department to raise water rates more than 7 percent in each of the next two years is scheduled to go before the City Council this afternoon.

The proposed increases would be 7.25 percent in the calendar year 2014, and an additional 7.5 percent the next year. The higher rates would vary among individual customers based on their water usage.

The City Council won’t be deciding whether to approve the plan at the meeting, but rather will schedule a public hearing for November and authorize notices to be delivered to water customers.

The proposed rate increases are the result of a study on the projected costs for the department to provide water to area residents and businesses. Among the factors considered were increases in wholesale water rates and the need to pay debt service on major infrastructure projects.

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