Students forced to sit in classroom as temps soar 95 degrees.

Students forced to sit in classroom as temps soar 95 degrees.

SAN DIEGO – Besides fan and air conditioners being sold out all over the county due to the heat wave, some parents are outraged that their kids are forced to sit in classrooms without air conditioning.

Parent-Faculty Association president Tracy Jewel said her son passed out after he stood up in class, hitting his head on the floor suffering a concussion.

“By the time I got to the nurses office he was sweating all over,” said Jewel. “His speech was slurred and he started vomiting.”

Her daughter Emily Jewel said it’s unbearable to sit in class at Scripps Ranch High School when the temperature hits 95 degrees.

“It gets really warm and you feel the sweat running down your body,” Emily Jewel said.

Gloria Tran’s son is a freshman at Scripps Ranch and has come home complaining of headaches. She said the school nurse has reported multiple cases of kids…

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