San Diegans urged to support Miramar Air Show

San Diegans urged to support Miramar Air Show

[trib_ndn vid=25135014]SAN DIEGO — Civic and business leaders Thursday urged San Diegans to attend the Miramar Air Show Oct. 4-5 to support the military, even though the crowd-pleasing Blue Angels will not be flying.

“By coming out to the air show, not only are you going to have a great time with family and friends, but you’re also making a statement that you want the air show to continue, and I know that our friends in Washington, D.C., will hear that message loud and clear,” interim Mayor Gloria said.

U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels Perform Over Key WestThe 58th annual aerial extravaganza at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar took a body blow when the Defense Department announced the Navy’s flight team wouldn’t appear. Because of the automatic spending cuts known as “sequestration,” military involvement at air shows has been curtailed nationwide.

San Diegans have been trying to compensate, because the air show generates an estimated $17 million in…

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