Pet Store owner refuses to follow law banning sale of animals

Pet Store owner refuses to follow law banning sale of animals

[trib_ndn vid=25135042]SAN DIEGO – A pet store owner who refuses to follow a recently passed city law is in trouble with animal control officers.

San-Diego-PuppyDavid Salinas, CEO of San Diego Puppy in Grantville, shared video of a confrontation he had with San Diego County Animal Control officers at his store on Wednesday.

“We have to record this, because we know this is bogus,” said Salinas. “They’re strong-arming me, telling me I have to do business in a certain way. That is not our business model.”

Salinas’ store is allegedly in violation of a newly passed puppy ordinance, prohibiting any commercial sale of dogs, cats, or rabbits, unless the animal came from a local animal shelter.

The ordinance passed July 23 and was signed into law by then Mayor Bob Filner.  It became effective September 4.

Following a complaint lodged against San Diego Puppy, animal control officers visited the store Wednesday…

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