Animal officials warn of parking-lot puppy peddlers

Animal officials warn of parking-lot puppy peddlers

Sick PuppySAN DIEGO — Animal welfare officials Tuesday urged prospective pet owners to beware of unscrupulous dealers who illegally peddle puppies — many in poor health or too young to sell — over the Internet, in parking lots, at swap meets and in other shady ways.

The San Diego Humane Society is taking “another step in the right direction to end animal suffering” by initiating a three-month sting operation designed to nab the perpetrators in the act, said Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the agency.

“It’s the responsibility of every animal owner to make informed decisions when purchasing an animal so together we can protect these defenseless animals who aren’t getting the care they need,” he said.

Pet owners may wind up spending thousands of dollars on veterinary bills for a sick puppy that might eventually die as a result of poor nutrition and general lack of proper care during…

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