AM Briefing from for September 3, 2013

At 11 AM today in a yet to be determined location Carl DeMaio is going to announce if he’s running for mayor. DeMaio lost to Bob Filner in a close election less than a year ago and he’s currently running for congress. If DeMaio runs for mayor he’ll have to drop out of his congressional race, witch won’t be decided till next year. So it’s still conceivable that DeMaio runs for mayor … and if he loses … the restarts his congressional race. However I seriously doubt that Carl DeMaio plans on losing anything.

The interim mayor Todd Gloria is also expected to make his decision to run or not today as well.

Today is the first day of school for 133,000 students in the San Diego Unified School District. At 5:00 AM district officials will officially ring in the new school year at Mission Bay High School.

San Diego’s newest school “E3 Civic High” will welcome its founding class this morning at 8:15. The charter school is inside San Diego’s new downtown Library.

Then tonight at 5:00 the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education is meeting.

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