Vargas backs military strike against Syria

Vargas backs military strike against Syria

juanVargasSAN DIEGO — Returning from a classified briefing in Washington, D.C. by the White house on Syria, U.S. Rep. Juan Vargas (D-51) said he’s convinced chemical weapons were used by the Assad regime against its own people and that he would support President Obama’s call for a military response.

” After reviewing the classified assessments of the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons, I am appalled that the Assad regime used sarin gas to brutally kill innocent civilians,” Vargas said in a statement released late Sunday. “I am particularly disturbed by the estimated 426 children who died mercilessly from symptoms related to chemical gas exposure. I am now prepared, after careful consideration of these classified documents, to support President Obama’s request to use limited and targeted strikes to deter the future use of chemical weapons.”

Vargas said Obama was not present during the classified briefing. He said numerous representatives from…

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