Political Podcast from BowlersDesk.com 9-1-13

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Welcome to another outstanding Political Podcast from BowlersDesk.com. This week Ric Epps and me (Matthew Bowler) talked about whose going to run for San Diego’s, now open, mayor’s seat.

What does Nathan Fletcher have to offer?

Will Fletcher lock in Democratic support or will Mike Agurrie?

Carl DeMiao has had a rough week … Is he going to continue his run for congress or go for the Mayor’s office?

Who else is going to jump into the fray?

Then on the National stage Syria is on the tips of everyone tongues.

Will be bomb Syria?

Why does Syria matter more than Darfur?

What will the Russians do if we lob a missile at Assad?

All that and more …

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Who knows we may put it in the podcast.

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