DeMaio fires back at Hueso over allegations of inappropriate behavior

DeMaio fires back at Hueso over allegations of inappropriate behavior

SAN DIEGO – Carl DeMaio, former San Diego City Councilman and candidate for Congress, is firing back at state Sen. Ben Hueso over allegations of inappropriate behavior.

During a news conference Wednesday, DeMaio said this isn’t the first dirty attack that’s been leveled against him by his opponents. He said he doesn’t typically address such attacks.

“For the most part, I’ve always let this just roll off my back, but this time it’s different,” said DeMaio. “This lie crossed the line. It’s so gross, it’s so untrue, it’s so humiliating that it demands a response.”

Hueso told the Voice of OC, that in 2009 he witnessed then-Councilman DeMaio masturbating in a public City Hall bathroom, while a council meeting was underway. The article said when Hueso left the restroom he encountered Councilwoman Marti Emerald and told her what happened.

Emerald released a statement Wednesday saying, “The article accurately reflected Hueso’s…

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