AM Briefing from for August 26, 2013

Now that San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner has resigned and a special election will be called and the story turns to who is going to run for Mayor. Several of San Diego’s power players are defiantly not running. On her way out of the KSWB FOX5 studio after a live morning show interview last Thursday Bonnie Dumanis told me “No and Hell No!”. State Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins and San Diego’s City Attorney Jann Goldsmith have also bowed out. But Nathan Fletcher has filed the paperwork to run and is beginning to gather his team. Kevin Faulconer, Carl DeMaio, and Todd Gloria are all considering but have yet to announce.

The USS Pearl Harbor and its 350 sailors are returning to San Diego today. They were helping on the international humanitarian mission Pacific Partnership 2013. They’ve spent 105 days helping Non-Governmental Organizations (or N.G.O.’s) with their work in places like Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Tonga. they helped give over 18,000 people get medical and dental treatment.

Eastlake Little League All-Stars lost 6 to 4 against Japan in the Little League World Series. Still they are the U.S. Champs … manager Rick Tibbett summed it up best when he said “it’s baseball you know, You lose. You win. We will be playing baseball next weekend.”

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