Hannah: Using social media ‘helps me grieve’

Hannah: Using social media ‘helps me grieve’


Hannah Anderson defended her use of social media in the days following her kidnapping and rescue, saying in her first interview after her rescue that sending and receiving the online postings “just helps me grieve.”

The San Diego County 16-year-old’s first comments about her ordeal came in an interview with NBC that aired in two parts Thursday morning on the “Today” show. In the second segment, she addressed those who have criticized her recent online activity.

hannahAnderson“I didn’t know people could be so cruel,” she said.

She said social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram — where she has recently posted photos and comments — helped her connect with friends and cope with what happened.

“It just helps me grieve, like, post pictures to show how I’m feeling,” she said. “I’m a teenager. I’m gonna go on it.”

She said the online messages she has received were “a little…

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