‘Letters from Hanna’ and used condoms seized at DiMaggio’s home

‘Letters from Hanna’ and used condoms seized at DiMaggio’s home


[trib_ndn vid=25037044]VISTA, Calif. – Another search warrant unsealed Thursday reveals what detectives seized from murder and kidnap suspect James DiMaggio’s Boulevard property.

Among the items on the inventory list were “letters from Hanna,” several handcuff boxes, two used condoms, ladies sunglasses and a handwritten note. The warrant does not elaborate about what the note said or who wrote it.

DiMaggio-Search-WarrantsDetectives also seized numerous empty boxes of ammo, boxes with red stains, cartridges, shotgun shell bases and shotgun primer. Items seized – that could possibly be related to the arson – include arson wire, an “incendiary device,” a gas can, a small propane bottle and a workbench with “arson related items.”

There were camping-related items seized from the property including a Yosemite “camping printout,” various empty boxes for camping equipment and a tent package.

Detectives have said they believe DiMaggio planned the kidnapping and had purchased camping gear a couple weeks…

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