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BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast 8-11-13

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Welcome to another edition of the BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast.

This time Ric Epps and myself recorded the podcast at Union Station or Santa Fe Station in downtown San Diego. We were out by the fountain. So you could hear some water falling, train horns, traffic, and even some people.

We did our normal thing and touched on local, national, and international political events.

However this time we spent some time focusing on the Snowden controversy. Jack Anderson a software developer joined us and shared his expertise with us. Jack gave us his technical insight into the kinds of things that Snowden may have exposed.

Interesting and fun.

As always if you want to hop on your soapbox … you can by hopping on ours … call us at 619-663-4531

Now from the Union Station in downtown San Diego… The BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast with me Matt Bowler and the Political Professor Ric Epps.

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Sheriff reveals new details of kidnapped girl’s ordeal

Sheriff reveals new details of kidnapped girl’s ordeal


[trib_ndn vid=25024522]SAN DIEGO — Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old Lakeside girl rescued over the weekend in Idaho was kidnapped against her will and didn’t know that her captor had killed her mother and brother until her rescuers told her, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore told Fox 5 News.

hannahAnderson“It is clear from the information that we’ve received, that she was under extreme duress. She was taken out of the county, out of the state, clearly against her will,” Gore told Fox 5’s Raoul Martinez.

Anderson was rescued Saturday by a team of FBI hostage specialists who had been flown to Idaho from Washington, D.C., Gore said. They hiked into a remote part of the The River of No Return Wilderness after federal agents spotted a tent and a teenage girl in an area where a group of horseback riders had reporting seeing a pair matching the descriptions of Hannah Anderson…

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for August 12, 2013

San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner is out of rehab after one week and opponents are going to have a “Not Welcome Back” rally at Civic Center Plaza at noon today. While Filner finished the behavior modification therapy last Saturday he won’t be back at work for another week.

Every city council person is calling for his resignation, along with the San Diego Democratic Party, both of California’s Senators, and numerous civic groups. The recall effort is moving forward and trying to gather the 102,000 signatures needed for the recall election

Filner is also having problems with law enforcement. San Diego County Sheriff’s along with the California Attorney General’s office are investigating a trip to Paris that Filner took just after becoming Mayor.

Even the FBI is investigating Filner. They are looking into a $100,000 payment made by local developer Sunroad Enterprises to a civic group at the same time Mayor Filner did a 180 on their policy regarding a Sunroad apartment project.

Middle school teacher Ned Carter Walker is going to be sentenced today for bringing a loaded gun to class in San Diego’s downtown courthouse this afternoon at 1:30.

This morning at 8:00 the University of California San Diego’s School of International Relations and Pacific Studies is giving about a 100 senior military officers a briefing. They are going to talk about s geopolitical and economic policies in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Somalia, India, and Pakistan.

And finally at 9:00 AM the San Diego Junior Lifeguard Foundation is hosting a fundraiser at which a group of junior lifeguards will jump off of the Ocean Beach Pier.

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$11M winning lottery ticket sold in Golden Hill

$11M winning lottery ticket sold in Golden Hill


SuperLotto store winnerSAN DIEGO – A SuperLotto Plus ticket sold at a liquor store in Golden Hill is worth $11 million, California Lottery officials said Sunday.

The ticket matched the winning numbers of 5, 7, 14, 44, and 46, plus the Mega number of 27 in Saturday’s draw.

It was sold at Golden Hill Liquor at 2795 B Street, according to the California Lottery. The business will receive a bonus of one-half percent, or $55,000, for selling the winning ticket.

Lottery officials said that in addition to the local jackpot winner, tickets sold in Ventura, Huntington Beach, Artesia and Cypress matched five out of six drawn numbers and are each worth a prize of more than $11,000.

Nearly 130,000 SuperLotto Plus tickets have won various lesser prizes.

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Emerald explains why she waited to ask Filner to resign

Emerald explains why she waited to ask Filner to resign


SAN DIEGO — Two days after withdrawing her support for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, City Councilwoman Marti Emerald talked about why she was one of the last holdouts before siding with other council members in calling for Filner’s resignation.

Emerald claimed a road trip of her own kept her from gathering all the information she needed to pull the trigger on a demand for Filner’s job.

“I was in Boston the bulk of the time – the first three weeks of all this.  When I came in I hit the ground running, trying to figure it out,” said Emerald.

MartiEmeraldIn an announcement on Friday, Emerald and councilwoman Myrtle Cole were the final two members to say Filner should go.

“I do believe in due process, however, all the information that has come in and will continue to come out points to him not being able to lead this city,”…

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