Former Mayor uninvites Filner from D.C. trip

Former Mayor uninvites Filner from D.C. trip

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Wednesday rescinded an invitation to Mayor Bob Filner to be part of a delegation that will travel to Washington, D.C., at the end of next month.

The chamber’s CEO, Jerry Sanders, sent Filner a letter, dated Wednesday, that said the mayor would understand the action “in light of the controversy surrounding your office.”

More than a dozen women have accused Filner of unwanted sexual advances, one of whom has filed suit against him and the city. Also, the business community has expressed concern about alleged shakedowns of developers by the mayor.

“This annual trip is a critical opportunity for a regional delegation to advocate for policies and projects that are vital to the region,” Filner’s mayoral predecessor wrote in the letter.

“This also allows us to showcase the region and its diverse economy to federal officials and legislators,” Sanders…

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