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Student forgotten in DEA holding cell gets $4.1M

Student forgotten in DEA holding cell gets $4.1M


[trib_ndn vid=24984559]SAN DIEGO — A UCSD student scooped up in a drug raid and left in a Drug Enforcement Administration holding cell for 4 1/2 days without food or water will get $4.1 million to settle his claims, his attorneys announced Tuesday.

DanielChongDaniel Chong, 25, was among seven people detained in an April 21, 2012, raid on a University City home. Chong, an student at UCSD, was handcuffed and put in 5-by-10-foot cell, by an officer who told him, “Hang tight. We’ll come get you in a minute,” his attorney Julia Yoo said.

The door to the cell was not opened again until April 25. Chong had no food water or toilet facilities during that period and he spent the last two days in darkness, Yoo said.

When he was freed, Chong was taken to a hospital for acute kidney failure, muscle degeneration and dehydration. He spent three days in…

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Council refuses to pay for Filner’s defense

Council refuses to pay for Filner’s defense


[trib_ndn vid=24985171]SAN DIEGO – The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to deny Mayor Bob Filner’s request for the city to pay for his defense in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

The decision came in response to a request from Filner’s privately hired lawyer Harvey Berger. Filner and the city are being sued by the mayor’s former communications director, Irene McCormack Jackson. She alleges that the mayor sexually harassed her with unwanted sexual advances and crude sexual comments.

City Council TestimonyTuesday afternoon,  council members heard from the public before meeting in closed session to discuss Berger’s request.

Resident Julie Adams urged the council not to fund Filner’s defense.

“Being a groper is not part of his duties,” said Adams. “So, I say hell no!”

Resident Hud Collins disagreed.

“Please defend him,” said Collins. “He’s going to need it.”

After public comment City Council adjourned into closed session. Less than an hour later, they had…

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for July 31, 2013

Here’s your Filner update for this morning …

Yesterday afternoon yet another woman came forward and accused San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment. This brings the total to eight. Lisa Curtin the director of government and military education at San Diego City College says that Filner asked about her wedding ring, asked her out on a date then grabbed her pulled her close and gave her a “saliva-filled kiss, including feeling his tongue by my cheek.”

The Mayor is currently receiving two weeks behavioral therapy in spite of the many calls for his resignation. Yesterday San Diego’s City Council unanimously approved the filing of a cross complaint against the Mayor. This means that they can sue Filner for the cost to the city for the defense against the sexual harassment lawsuits they also decided last night not to pay for the Mayor’s private attorney. The council does pay for city employee legal defenses when the case has to do with the normal scope of their job. Many council members do not believe defending the Mayor’s behavior falls into this category.

And the city move forward.

San Diego’s City Council is meeting today.

First at 9:00 AM the Budget Committee is getting together to talk about community parking

Then at 2:00 this afternoon the Natural Resources and Culture Committee will look at a climate change report form the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and updating the climate change plan.

Tonight at 6:00 the Council’s Infrastructure Committee is talking about a report on sidewalk condition

The San Diego Independent Budget Analyst is holding a workshop of the city’s project budgeting at 6:30 tonight at the Balboa Park War Memorial Building. It’s open to the public if you want to go.

Horton Plaza’s renovations are on the agenda for the Civic San Diego Board of Directors afternoon meeting.

County government is talking about waving some fees for disabled veterans this morning at 9:00.

And at 10:30 this morning The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is hosting a ribbon cutting for the new shopping area in the airport’s Terminal 2

And finally today the National Weather Service says big waves are going to pound San Diego’s coast today. They are expecting 5 to 7 foot waves with the occasional 8 foot’er. That means the face of the wave could be as high as 16 feet.

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